About Kathak

Kathak is one of the seven recognized Indian Classical Dance forms. Kathak originated in Northern India in the temples as a form of story telling and over the years has evolved and grown into a performing art. Kathak is based on Hindustani classical music typically performed to the accompaniment of percussion instruments such as Tabla and Pakhvaj and melodic accompaniment of Harmonium, Sarangi or Flute. Intricate footwork or Tatkar interwoven with the rhythm and tempo of the music is a distinctive feature of Kathak. The impact of the foot on the floor can be varied to produce different sounds which resembles that of Tabla or Pakhavaj. There is also great synchronization between the elegant movements of hands and the nimble footwork. Swift and rhythmic spins is a specialization of Kathak dancers.

About AKDA

Ashwini Kathak Dance Academy is dedicated exclusively to teaching Kathak as an Indian Classical dance should be taught. Ashwini is believes strongly in staying true to the heritage and traditions of this art form, teaching the fundamentals of taal and rhythm, paying attention to correct form and execution, good posture and graceful movement. Students are given individual attention and guidance due to small class sizes. AKDA offers opportunities for students to work towards accredited dance certification exams. Since kathak is a performance art, students are excouraged to perform on stage and several opportunities to perform as a group are made possible each year.